Are Your Trees Ready for Florida's Thunderstorms?

Homeowners are often ignorant of the risks associated with defective trees on their property and the possible financial liability for those trees should they pose a danger to other properties. Dangerous trees cause personal injuries, as well as property damage, and create tremendous liability issues in court from preventable accidents caused by defective trees on your property.

Thunderstorms are prevalent in Central Florida, and professional, emergency tree removal and storm damage clean-up are often needed for fallen or at-risk trees on your property. Professional tree removal includes the resources, equipment, and personnel to handle every type of tree removal. If a large tree has fallen on your home, car, or other property, it can mean life or death if not properly handled.

If you have big trees on your property that you feel are at risk of falling in a storm or from saturated soil conditions, it is your responsibility to prevent storm-related damage by hiring a professional to remove, thin, or cable your problem trees. Only a professional can evaluate the condition of the tree and the tree species, size, and location before offering the ideal solution for that tree.

Identifying and recognizing potentially hazardous trees and taking proper preventative action protects property, saves lives, and helps protect you from legal issues.

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