Creative Tree Stump Ideas

Carve a stump sculpture. Okay, this isn't as easy as the other ideas, but if you are into wood carving or know someone, this is a stunning way of paying homage to the mighty oak that once stood tall in that spot. If the stump is large enough, it can even be carved into a reading bench. It will be a gorgeous permanent work of art for everyone to enjoy for many years to come.

Paint a game board such as checkers or tick tac toe on the top. What better way to spend time with a friend or loved one than outdoors among nature playing a friendly game of checkers? So put down the electronics and get outside to enjoy the great outdoors!

Plant a stump garden. Nothing is more natural and blends in with nature than flowers and hanging plants. A stump can be the perfect place for a planter, especially if the wood has started to decay, and it is easier to hollow out. The bees, butterflies, and the woodland creature will appreciate it too.

Here are some ways to make tree stumps unique and beautiful additions to your yard:

You may think the best option is to have someone find it down or remove it entirely. This is the best solution if the stump is absolutely in the way and could become a hazard. However, this could get costly, especially if there are many stumps or if it is out of the way and does not hurt anybody.

So you finally cut down that tree on your property that has been bugging you. Now the question is what to do with that burdensome tree stump? In this day in age, the sky is the limit to the amount of creativity people have found to create artwork out of tree stumps.
If you are looking for more creative stump ideas, Pinterest has all the answers. However, if you need the stump removed, don't hesitate to contact the experts at All American Tractor and Tree.

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