Preparing Trees for Hurricane Season

Here in Florida, we can pretty much count on one thing every year, and that's big storms during hurricane season. If you've lived in Florida for at least one hurricane season, then you know how dangerous untrimmed trees could be during and after a big storm. So what should be done to prepare your trees for the next hurricane season? Here we will give you a few options to make sure your yard is safe for an upcoming hurricane.

  • If you have the liberty of choosing what will be planted and grown in your yard, do so accordingly. This is especially important when transplanting new trees into a yard. Make your choices based on tree's wind resistance, planting distance from power lines/electric structures/vehicles/homes, spaced out branches, and one dominant trunk.
  • If there are decaying or already dead trees/branches in the yard, get rid of them! These dead trunks and limbs serve as nothing more than an eyesore and nuisance at this point and could be potentially dangerous if not properly removed and disposed of before hurricane season. 
  • Proper pruning of the trees in your yard makes a huge difference! This goes along with getting rid of dead branches from your trees, as well as branches that are too close together, and branches that come out just a little too far. Shorten the longer branches and remove excess limbs to thin out any branches that may not survive a big storm.

You don't need to panic about your yard's arboristic qualities right before hurricane season if you keep up routine maintenance! Make sure to have your trees trimmed professionally at least once every two years. It's not a very often process, but it makes a big difference when those storms start to roll in! Protect your home and property before it's too late, get your trees trimmed and out of harm's way this hurricane season!


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