The Importance of Proper Land Grading in Florida

Land grading - or land leveling – is done after excavation.  It’s used for two purposes:

  • To create a smooth, landscape free of variations in elevation. This provides a level base for laying a foundation, planting cover crops, and other uses. Dirt is cut from higher spots and used to fill in low spots, which is called “cut and fill” grading.
  • To slope the land away from the site and provide adequate drainage.

With seasonal rains and the rampant flooding in Florida, land grading is especially essential. If the terrain hasn’t be graded correctly, the water won’t drain properly. During heavy rainfall, it could accumulate around the building foundation and cause significant destruction, including flooding, foundation damage, and landscape loss.

Proper land grading is integral to avoid setbacks and future problems. When construction takes place on uneven ground, water drainage is an important consideration.
Land grading includes brush removal, tree clearing, stump removal, grading, fill import/export, and erosion control.

While this is labor-intensive, land grading is unquestionably crucial in Florida due to our volatile storm season to have a clean, clear property and protect against flood damage to buildings, prevent soil loss, keep water pollution-free, assure surface runoff and thriving vegetation.

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