Why You Should Hire a Licensed and Insured Tree Trimmer in Lake County.

Lake County, Florida lives up to its name with many lakes within the county lines. Along with those beautiful bodies of water come big, gorgeous trees that provide the perfect amount of shade on a hot Florida day. It's important to keep those trees in check though, especially in Lake County where a backyard can quickly resemble a forest. Even more important than that is making sure you have a licensed and insured professional tree trimmer to help you. Why is this so important?

The importance of hiring a licensed and insured tree trimmer is to know you're working with a professional and both parties are protected in case of any accidents. Before hiring any tree trimming company or other various services, it's important to make sure they have the proper licensing to get the job done. For tree trimming companies, the type of licenses needed is either obtained by the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) or the TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association) who certify individuals in Arboriculture. It is also highly recommended that the company hired to have at least one TCIA CTSP Certified Tree Care Safety Professional.

Having a safety professional ties into the reason why it's important also to have an insured tree trimmer. The proper insurance for a tree trimming company will adequately protect the workers and the client in case of any accidents. Hopefully, nothing serious will go wrong during the process of tidying up the trees on the property, but for whatever reason it does - everyone will be prepared. The types of insurance that are a must have are liability and worker's compensation. These are pretty self-explanatory as to why they're so important in the names themselves. Hiring a tree trimmer without these qualifications is taking a considerable risk and could get you into some trouble if something went wrong.

If you live in Lake County or own property out there, you know what the tree situation can be like. It's incredible to have such big, beautiful trees to adorn your yard but it's important to keep them trimmed and safe for everything beneath the branches. Make sure the tree trimming company you hire is licensed and appropriately insured properly, like All American Tractor and Tree! It'll keep everyone and everything safe and sound while getting trimmed up!

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