What Is a Sylvester Palm Tree and Why Is It a Popular Tree in Central Florida?

If you have ever driven from the North to Florida, you notice how the oak trees and evergreens gradually start appearing less and less, and palm trees welcome you with open arms. And if you live in Florida, you have palm trees in your yard; it is just what you do if nothing else than to remind you that you are in a tropical paradise.

There are many different kinds of palm trees in Florida, and the further south you go, the bigger the palm trees get. Some palm trees only do well in warm weather all year round; others can flourish in all kinds of weather and temperature fluctuations.

One popular palm tree choice by seasoned and new Floridians alike is the Sylvester Palm. This stunning tree always stands out from the rest because of its chunky size and bold and bright colors. It has a beautifully textured trunk, dazzling blue-green leaves, and highlights of various yellows and oranges throughout the tree. It can come as a single, double, triple, and even quadruple palm! If you are ever looking for a hardy tree and wow your neighbors, the Sylvester Palm is your guy.

The Sylvester Palm is an excellent addition to any Florida landscaping because it can thrive in many different kinds of climates. This low maintenance palm can withstand high heat, frost, and drought. No matter where you live in Florida, it will put on a show for everyone who passes by.

Known as a slow-growing palm, this makes it perfect for homeowners that don’t want to have to deal with a hectic trimming schedule or take the chance of it rapidly outgrowing its place in the landscaping. Because of its slow growth, most Sylvesters are sold as full-grown, mature trees. This is very convenient because you can enjoy mature palm trees as soon as they are planted!

It is safe to say the Sylvester palm is is an extraordinary palm tree loved by Floridians and visitors alike. 

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