What Is Bush Hogging?

If you ever lived on a farm or even just visited one, chances are you've heard of or seen a bush hogger. A bush hog, or brush hog, is an attachment that goes on a farm tractor to assist with mowing through dense plant growth. It got its name from the company that originated the mower attachment, who went by Bush Hog®. What exactly is bush hogging, and is it right for your property?

If you're looking for a close cut, well-manicured front yard, then a bush hogger is not something you'll need. If you live on an acre or more and have some overgrown spots on the lawn, then you may want to consider breaking it all down with bush hogging! Like said earlier, a bush hogger is especially useful for dense plant growth. It works with a system of intentionally dull blades that are over an inch thick. Not like a typical mower blade that's sharpened with intent to get a close cut if so chosen. 

Not everyone has access to a big tractor capable of easy farm work, so it's a relief that you don't need that to use a bush hogging attachment. They can work with a standard riding lawn mower just the same, as well as an ATV or UTV. Keep in mind that if you have a lot of land to cover, investing in a bigger tractor and additionally a larger bush hogging attachment will get those acres cleared in no time. Also keep in mind that the larger the attachment, the more of a mess it will make. Make sure to keep any pets and small children indoors when the bush hogger is in use. 

Even though the blades are thick and dull and can take rolling over a couple of branches or small rocks, be sure to avoid any large debris or holes when the attachment is in use.  You don't need to be a seasoned professional to use a bush hogger either. Just make sure to follow the instructions when renting the attachment and pay attention to the size dimensions needed for your mower.

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