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Debris & Job Site Clean Up

Debris & Job Site Clean Up

If your property has debris of any kind that needs to be hauled off and properly disposed of, you can count on professionals at All American Tractor & Tree to be there to help!

All American Tractor & Tree services the Central Florida area with property debris clean-up services and can handle all jobs, big or small.

The All American Tractor & Tree team who are tasked to provide tractor service is also equipped with appropriate training and operational skills. When you hire us, we see to it that every staff working on the site is properly monitored to ensure safety. They are also guided as regards proper execution of the task. This is the reason why most of our clients trust us when it comes to projects involving tractor services.

Please contact All American Tractor & Tree today by calling (352) 460-1922 or by using our online contact form to learn more about debris and job site clean-up.

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Land Clearing

Land Clearing

Does your yard have unwanted hills or dips? Is rainwater getting too close to your foundation? All American Tractor & Tree's Bobcat contractors can help grade and level your land for better drainage, as well as providing a flat, even surface for things like new driveways, concrete pads, outdoor sheds, and more.

To prevent rainwater from getting too close to your foundation, you need All American Tractor & Tree's Bobcat contractors to come in and grade your land for optimal drainage away from the foundation. The cost to properly grade your area for proper drainage is far less costly than foundation repairs.

With the continuing residential and commercial real estate development in Lake and Sumter Counties, All American Tractor & Tree is an excellent resource for the initial phase of the project where you need a contractor to go in and do some land clearing. Our loader work will remove brush, unwanted trees, and other hindrances. We are fast, efficient and cost-effective for your land clearing project.

Please contact All American Tractor & Tree today by calling (352) 460-1922 or by using our online contact form to learn more about land clearing services.

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Bush Hogging

Bush Hogging

Our Florida bush hogging crew enjoy getting out there and clearing some land. Regular bush hogging is tough work, especially if you have a large, unkempt property. If you don't have all the proper bush hogging equipment, a tractor, and other tools, clearing your land of thick and wild bush, grass and vegetation is a near impossible task. If this is the case, or you need our help!

There's a lot more that goes into bush hogging than hopping on a tractor, you need to for sure what you're tearing down, and cutting is safe for the surrounding landscape. We pay close attention to detail and will make sure your property is clear of unsightly brush and other vegetation.

Please contact All American Tractor & Tree today by calling (352) 460-1922 or by using our online contact form to learn more about bush hogging services.

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Site Preparation

Site Preparation

Unpredictable factors are a part of any job. Soil conditions may change, weather may not cooperate, and materials may not be ready on time. Managing your logistics can be a challenge. That's why All American Tractor & Tree offers reliable site preparation and land-clearing services. We have helped builders like you reduce risks and stick to your budget and schedule.

We provide the following services to contractors, builders and property managers like you across Central Florida:

  • Site Development
  • Land Clearing
  • Earthmoving
  • Excavating
  • Grading
  • Soil Compaction
  • Screening Fill

Please contact All American Tractor & Tree today by calling (352) 460-1922 or by using our online contact form to learn more about site preparation services.

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Grading and Dirt Work

Grading and Dirt Work

When you require grading and site work services, you may not immediately be aware of the extent of your grading needs. All American Tractor & Tree can provide you with a free consultation that includes an estimate of the size and cost of your grading project. This consultation will also inform you of the estimated amount of time it will take to grade your land accordingly.

If your grading project involves small-scale drainage or landscaping work, we can normally perform the landscape grading service in just a few days or less. Driveway installations may require a week or more to finish grading the area.

Due to the many aspects and possible issues may arise when grading a plot of land, it is a project that should be left to trained professionals. All American Tractor & Tree's grader contractors use heavy-duty landscaping and surveying equipment to do the job quickly and correctly while keeping your costs to a minimum. We take careful measurements and perform precision grading services to prepare your land so you can proceed with your construction plans.

If you plan to build on a new plot of land, you need a grading service to make sure the land is stable to support new structures. All American Tractor & Tree can perform the required grading to measure the slope of the land, as well as make corrections to level the soil.

Our professionals will also check the soil on your land to see if it is the proper type to support your building plans. Once we inspect your property, we can then remove, add, or relocate the necessary land material to prepare the area for your construction project.

Please contact All American Tractor & Tree today by calling (352) 460-1922 or by using our online contact form to learn more about grading and site work services.

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All American Tractor & Tree has a wide variety of machinery to perform just about any job that can be thrown at us, big or small. Whether you need vegetation removed, or yard grading services, we have the right machine for the task.

When it comes time to backfill, All American Tractor & Tree staff know how to get the job done efficiently. Building gravel curtains, capping driveways as well as raising the grade of yards are all just a few services we provide.

Please contact All American Tractor & Tree today by calling (352) 460-1922 or by using our online contact form to learn more about backfilling services.

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What your neighbors say.

Fantastic experience with All American! Tommie called back within five minutes of putting my information into Home Advisor. Tommie did an excellent job of removing two large palm trees with the stumps and trimming two large oaks. Very prompt, reliable, excellent pricing and superb cleanup! I highly recommend All American!

Sara Maddox
February 16, 2019

These guys did an awesome job at a great price! They went above and beyond, even finished grinding a stump that another company left. I will definitely be using them many more times.

Alicia Clark
February 6, 2019

Wow, what service. If your are looking for quality work and the most attentive service in Lake County please try these guys. You wont be disappointed.

Greg Smith
February 5, 2019

Outstanding job they came in took them about 20 min ground the stump down and cleaned up the area

Joan Cranmer
January 30, 2019

I called on late Tuesday afternoon because other people didn’t show up to grind a stump, talked to Tommie, he came at 9:30 the following morning! Very friendly and professional. He even cleaned up the mess!!

Kathryn Kay
January 29, 2019

If you are looking for a company that is responsive to your needs, American Tractor and Tree is the right choice! I emailed them today, to ask if they could grind a stump for me, and got a phone call from Tommy within five minutes. In much less than two hours, the job was done and cleaned up. The price was right, the service was great and Austin was very Professional. I am very impressed!

Bob Decker
January 15, 2019

Hire 'em!! Great, fair pricing. Tommie was professional and friendly. Showed up on time, got right to work, cleaned up so well it was like he was never here. Thanks for providing excellent service!

Madelyn Stephens
January 9, 2019

Stephanie Wrenn-Peebles
October 12, 2018

Tommie and Jeff were professional and very nice. I will certainly recommend them to my family and friends!

Noel Farnsworth
April 25, 2018

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